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Deploy- Build on the Cosmos X EVM Portal August 3nd Evmos team, ICF, IBC alliance
 Evmos to Cosmos..IBC , interchain account, EVM asset mapping and transfer
Develop - Bridge the Gap and UX August 9th Evmos team, existing projects use case exploration, product design, desired functionalities, UX Live zoom meeting
Scale - Market, Evmos Roadmap and User Adoption Strategies August 26th Evmos team, web3S partners incentives, scale solution Live zoom meeting.

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Huobi incubator: opening ceremony and community perspective July 21st -juding rules -expectation -resources
On Evmos Twitter Account
Spotlight of Web 3.0 #hack series#: EVM vs. Non EVM July 29th EvmosTokenomics, Rektdrop, inflation, dev/user rewards, dapp store
Spotlight of Web 3.0 #hack series#: DeFi in Evmos , the building blocks of an ecosystem August 4th DeFi evolution and issues, DeFi in Evmos, tools available  
Spotlight of Web 3.0 #hack series#: NFT, GameFi & Metaverse in Evmos August 18th
Spotlight of Web 3.0 #hack series#: Web3, SocialFi and DAO in Evmos August 23th    

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Jul 25 15:00PM

Jul 25 07:00AM Jul 25 23:00PM @luluisangry lululu#6857
Infrastructure Aug 2|15:00PM Aug 2|07:00AM  Aug 2|23:00PM @Farmer_Ad Ad#5691 
DeFi Aug 7|15:00PM  Aug 7|07:00AM  Aug 7|23:00PM @Jenny_xcl JennyXCL#4484
Metaverse, NFT & GameFi Aug 14|15:00PM Aug|14 07:00AM Aug|14 23:00PM @CryptoAspen Aspen#4473
Web3 Aug 21|15:00PM  Aug 21|07:00AM  Aug 21|23:00PM @vivien1232 Vivien#5805


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